Our High Definition Dome cameras should be installed with a HIKVISION Turbo HD DVR or another similar quality High Definition TVI DVR. The main advantages of installing a Turbo HD camera are:


1. In cases where there is existing cabling in place, the cable can be generally re-used. So all the cameras get replaced by new HD Dome Cameras and the existing coaxial cable can be connected to the new cameras.  The HD Dome camera on average will operate up to 220 meters over RG59 coaxial cable. If CAT5 cable or other twisted pair cable has been used, high definition baluns should be fitted to at the camera end and at the DVR location. So if you are thinking of upgrading your old CCTV system you can save a lot of money by choosing a HD system and reusing all the existing cabling. 


2. The HD Cameras tend to be less expensive than the equivalent IP cameras. So if you want to install a new full HD 1080P CCTV system it will be cheaper to opt for a HD system rather than a 2-Megapixel IP CCTV system. 


The majority of HD Dome Cameras will have 40 meter IR distance capability at night time in complete darkness. All of the HIKVISION HD Dome Cameras come with smart IR Leds which prevent the infra red from over exposing when an object or person is close to the camera.


The HD Dome IR Cameras are suitable for viewing areas within a 30 meter distance. They are equally suitable for internal or external applications as they are a discreet camera so are perfect for homes or outside shops etc when a camera may need to be located lower down at the shop front etc. Most of the HD dome cameras come in a vandal resistant type dome housing.