Domestic · December 20, 2018
Fire Alarms Every year fire is responsible for causing millions of Euros worth of loss and damage Ireland and sometimes causing tragic loss of life. It is a statutory requirement for businesses to have a fire alarm installed on the premises and to employ the services of a specialist company to complete the routine maintenance of the system. Fire Alarm Installation Fires present a major and unpredictable risk to people and property. Installing a fire alarm system will automatically identify a...
Domestic · December 20, 2018
CCTV CCTV is one of the best ways to protect your property, as well as being an effective visual deterrent, it provides constant surveillance - it never sleeps! We can design and supply a full range of CCTV Systems for both commercial and domestic use. Whether you need a basic system or a more comprehensive, fully integrated CCTV system capable of remote monitoring, we have the technical expertise to specify a solution that meets your needs and budget Hi-Definition CCTV Systems CCTV systems...

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