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All of our Digital Video Recorders allow for the connection of any existing analogue cameras that you may already have installed. If you are changing any camera, a full high definition camera can be installed in place of the old analogue camera reusing the existing cabling. This makes the HIKVISION Turbo DVR perfect for upgrades. All of the Turbo Digital Video Recorders can be connected to the internet for remote viewing via a smart phone, tablet and PC.


There are over 12 different types of HIKVISION High Definition Turbo DVRs that we stock. The 7200 series of DVRs allows for the combination of BNC monitor outputs, audio & alarm I/O etc, depending on the model. All the 7200 DVRs will allow you to install one additional IP camera along with the 4-Channel DVR (5 cameras in total). The 8-Channel DVR will also allow you install an addition one IP camera (9 cameras in total). You can install 2 additional IP cameras with the 16-Channel DVR (18 cameras in total and 8 additional IP cameras with the 32-Channel DVR (40 cameras in total).


All of the HIKVISION 7300, 8000 and 9000 series DVRs feature built in Automatic Number Plate Reading software (ANPR). Compatible IP Cameras must be used with DVRs to provide this solution. 


All of our DVRs are fitted with WD purple Security hard drives or Seagate Security rated hard drives. The smallest 4-Channel DVR can take up to 8TB of storage and the largest DVR has a capacity in excess of 64TB. The hard drives come in sizes of 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB.