IP Bullet Cameras are mainly used in external commercial applications or in a domestic application where you want the camera to be very obvious. The cameras come with their own bracket built in which can be mounted on a wall, soffit or pole. 


All our Bullet cameras have POE (power over Ethernet cable) and come with infra red illuminators on board that range from 40 - 80 meters depending on the camera. Most have smart IR which prevents the infra red from over exposing an object or person. 


Like all IP cameras they can be connected back to an NVR for recording. Some of the cameras also have local on-board storage which allows the camera record to an SD card on-board. The footage can then be retrieved via the remote viewing software on-board. With the increase in capacity of storage devices, 2 to 3 days stored footage can be recorded on to the device. 


All the new Darkfighter and Lightfighter range now come with Licence Plate Recognition software on-board. These cameras need to be connected to the relevant matching NVR to capture registrations. One can then search for all registrations captured within a specific time frame or simply search a registration or part of a registration.


Bullet IP Cameras are very suitable for viewing large areas such as car parks outside warehouses or schools. If you require a camera in a remote area away from the NVR recorder i.e. on a pole etc, the IP camera can be connected into wireless IP Nano stations for wireless transmission of the camera back to the NVR.


All of our DVRs are fitted with WD purple Security hard drives or Seagate Security rated hard drives. The smallest 4-Channel DVR can take up to 8TB of storage and the largest DVR has a capacity in excess of 64TB. The hard drives come in sizes of 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 6TB and 8TB.

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